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The goal of this group is to try and create a game, a mud, and let it grow, eventually converting it into its own application, a fantasy RPG... I will register a website for it soon, and the server is being created as we speak. We will download another mud, wipe most of it, and start from scratch. The name of the game is Vetrans Court...


  • Sounds like you have quite the interest from the game programming community. However, what rewards should one expect from helping to program your game? Will it be owned entirely by your company? Will our name be on the credits? Will programmers be paid monetarily, or just by playing credits (Free access)? Are you associated with any other game programming companies? How experienced is your leadership? Is there a website that shows your current progress/plans?

    BTW, I'm interested, too, if you intend to sound a little less cryptic in forthcoming posts. Check out My Page and RPG newsgroup, if you're interested.


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