Password Validation with Rules

I am trying to create a rule or rules to ensure that a user, when changing their password (Which is contained in a table), follows the rules of "8 Characters or more, must contain one number and must contain one ucase letter." I have set a rule "len(@value)=>;8" and it works, but if I try to add additional checks "len(@value)=>;8 and @value like '[0-9]'" then I get an error stating that the rule cannot be dropped while being binded to a column. If I take off the binding then save the rule, I get the same message.

I can however, set two rules, one to validate for length and the next to validate for a number. However when I meet both criteria, I still get an error message. Is "@value like '[0-9]'" the correct syntax?

Lastly, I don't even know where to begin to validate for the ucase. Can you do a loop statement or case statement in a rule?

Oh, also, can you customize the error message returned by SQL Server when the value fails validation by the rule?



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