window managers crash!!!


I have been a slackware user for about 6 months now, and just upgraded from 8.0 to 8.1.

My window managers crash!! Lock! ALL of them! I even tried using Enlightenment and BlackBox, they all do it.
There's also some problem which may or may not be related, where it suddenly makes my linux partition not-writeable, including my home dir.

This freezing-window-manager thing is REALLY getting frustrating!

Can anyone help me???



  • : My window managers crash!! Lock! ALL of them!

    I found the answer to this problem and since it is not very well-publicized I decided to post it here.

    AMD chips have a bug with a feature called "Extended Paging." This feature is automatically used by any kernel built for i686, thus subjecting us to random lockups and memory corruption.
    This "extended paging" feature can be disabled by adding
    to your /etc/lilo.conf or grub bootloader configuration.
    If you already have one append in there, to add a second one it would look like this
    append="first=option mem=nopentium"

    so! That's that, and mine is fixed. Woo! :)

  • Thanks for posting your solution. I'm sure other people will find it very helpful.

    Ben Martin :-D

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