VB can't find Interbase/Firebird server


Can you please help me out? I have been using VB 6 Prof. with Firebird the Interbase compatible database. I am also using the OLE DB provider IBOleDB. When I try to connect it says that it can't find the host.
According to the documentation you have to specify for a local server, which is of course "localhost". When I ping it works successfully and when I ping "localhost" it also works. I have also tried to put the above ip address into the "hosts" file in the Windows directory, but it still doesn't work. I also tried changing from MS Family logon to MS Network. Bye the way, I am using Windows 98 second edition. The VB code looks as follows:

gCon.Open "provider=IBOleDB;Location=;Data Source=c:/try.gdb",

The last 2 items are the admin username and password respectively.
Can anyone help me please?


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