Some Good Suggestions...

[green]Hi Tore,

As I'd said earlier, here are some suggestions that I hope would make the messageboards on this site better :

[red][b]1.[/b][/red] Whenever I post messages, and someone replies to them, I have the option of receiving a notification email, right ? Well, why can I just log into "My Page" and see there whether anyone has replied to my message today/yesterday etc.

[red][b]2.[/b][/red] Also, what about that "Reducing Clutter" message I left earlier ? In brief, it was: When replying to a message, the subject line of the new message is the subject of the message being replied to with a "Re:" pre-pended to it. Well, that causes a [b]LOT[/b] of clutter as you may see for yourself in C/C++, Yahoo, Windows boards!! [i]Since most people don't bother to edit the subject line[/i] to something more meaningful, why not cause the subject line of messages being replied to contain only the word [b]"Reply"[/b] !! We can all see the subject, so we really don't need to see "Re:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" !! That becomes quite difficult to peruse !

[red][b]3.[/b][/red] I have disabled the "recv email when someone replies to a message" in my settings. However, whenever I do reply to a message, I see the check box "Do you want to bookmark this message so that you can get notified via email when someone replies to this message?" always checked ! CAn't the script read my settings and uncheck that checkbox !

[red][b]4.[/b][/red] Still thinking about #4....:-)[/green]



  • Hi

    Thanks for your feedback

    1. Its a good idea to have it accessable from your personal page , but I don't have plans to do that at this moment.

    You can view all your messages that you have bookmarked or created/replied to by setting the viewmode dropdown.

    2. See the other message.

    3. Where did you disable the settings? on the "Edit Privacy and Notification" page?

    The checkbox on the messageboard page should reflect your setting in the "Edit Privacy and Notification" page.

    Are you sure you have unchecked the "Send me an email as soon as someone: Replies to my posted messages or bookmarks. " checkbox?

    4. Waiting.....


  • [green]it was the first's ok now...silly of me...thx anyway[/green]

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