A little question

What exactly is that "Visitors" counter for ?
The number of visitors to "My Page" or the number of visitors
to some message board ?
If it is for "My Page", well well !
Earlier this morning the Visitors was 92, now, it's 128 !
And what's more, the "Most Recent Visitors" list hasn't changed !

What's up !!

btw, is Fogel "Fogelberg" ?? of InfoMagic ??[/blue]


  • The visitor counter is the number of visitors to your personal page.

    The most recent visitors only works for users who are logged in, not logged in users is not added to the most recent visitors box as I don't have any name to add to it.

    I think the Most Recent Visitors would look quite boring if 75% of the entires in it was "Unknown" or "Anonymous".

    Fogel is just a test account that I use.


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