IIS Problem

hello all...
i've install IIS 5.0 that come along with my Windows 2000 Pro & create a website using dreamweaver MX in *.asp & *.html format.
but when i want to preview in the IE 5.0, as my pc is the localhost but this message was appear.

HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error - ASP error
Internet Information Services

Technical Information (for support personnel)
Error Type:
Active Server Pages, ASP 0221 (0x80004005)
The specified 'Page Language="VB" ContentType="text/html" ResponseEncoding="iso-8859-1" ' option is unknown or invalid.
/cuba.asp, line 1

FYI, sometimes just *.html can be preview. but i have no problem with outside website.

to al of you guys... please help me!

thank you.

regards, lia

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