How to extract a word from a file?


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    Well it depends. But this is one way (Done C-style).



    int main()
    char word[100] = {0};
    FILE* fp;
    char ch;
    int i = 0;
    // Test that the file really opened
    if ( fp = fopen( "test.txt", "r" ) )
    // Take chars from file until char is a space, newline, etc.
    while ( !isspace(ch) )
    ch = fgetc(fp);
    word[i] = ch;

    printf( "Error opening file" );

    // Null-terminate the string
    word[strlen(word)] = '';
    printf( "%s", word );
    return 0;


    This of course takes only the first word from the file and doesn't take commas, semicolons, etc. in to consideration. But I think this'll get you started.

    Teemu Hellman
    C++/CORBA specialist@Yomi Applications, Finland

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