What is NeoGeo?

If i want to write game like NeoGeo.
What do i need?


  • : If i want to write game like NeoGeo.
    : What do i need?

    I posted a similar queston at the following address for you:


    I wish that I had used your exact words. But, hopefully,
    this site will help.


  • hi,

    Games like neo geo? you mean the neo geo aes system? i dont get the question. if you are wondering what the neo geo is. than it is the folowing:

    neo geo is an 56 bit console. which was released by snk. as we all know snk is bankrupt :(

    games were released at an affordable 3000 dollars. lol.

    so you now know why it is bankrubt.

    as far as snk neo geo development. look in an search machine if you canf ind anytthing. i havent heard of neo geo development myself.
    If you still cant find anything.

    Look for an company that made: king of fighters 2002 for the neo geo. it is an japanese site as far as i know. sorry no link. =(

    best regards,

    Vyeyendra ramnares

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