Controlling a ListBox's Scrollbar

Okay the problem i am having is that i can't control the listbox's thumbbar (that little thing in the middle of a scroll bar) I have tried many different api calls and a few math equations that have come close but nothing that works as good as the real thing. I have also figured out how to control the up and down scrolling of a listbox, that only makes this problem more annoying. Anyway if you have any suggestions please tell me.



  • What are trying to do? Do you only want to manipuate the scroll bar thumb? Do you need the list to scroll an item into view?
    If you just need to ensure an item is visible, you can use the TopIndex property to set the topmost item in the current view of the list, so you can use it do display an item in any position of the list (with few maths).

  • I am trying to control the position of the thumbbar. I have been succesfull in moving the thumbbar to a certain position but the listbox wont react to the movement
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