Some Questions about FTP

I'm new in this forums so I don't know where to post it

I have lot of questions (It is not difficult questions I think but i'm stuck!)

1) If I want a program read a password in in a *.txt on a server. I use
Dim Retval
Retval = Shell("C:Program FilesInternet ExplorerIEXPLORE.EXE www.Ifrance.compass.txt", 1)
but it not really work well... I do not find a command so users don't see it and the computer read if the user/pass are correct.. how can I do this?

2) Goes with the first. How can I moddified what's on the .txt without going on the IP? All change must be done on server...

3) I want to create an icon that goes in the taskbar with the clock. Help!!! :)

4) Last thing! I want a vote system. In a .txt on the FTP a question is ask. I want this question appear in my program. If the question change in the .txt, I want a sonor signal (Like a wave start) . So I would need a clock that check if their had a change each 30 seconds like!

Thanks for your answer!

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