please help!! choosing the best book "C#"


I program in C++ , and have done some Java programming. I`m looking for a book that has the C++ style. Books that I have read and liked are by Ivor Horton "Beginning C++ and Beginning JAVA 2, because he gives you a
solid ground on the Language and also goes in to the GUI and since I`m into games it makes for a good read. So I guess what I`m looking for is a book the go`s over the basics (snytax , I/O ,Collection class ,built in methods) and then Go into Windows programming, Desktop and net)
Easy to read and to the point.

ps Also if there is a book out there about games in C# please let me know.

Thanks flyer


  • I programmed mostly C++ before I went to C#, and I think petzolds "programming microsoft windows with C#" from MsPress is a good book, but I dont think it covers the most basic of the basics, but it deals with the differences between C++ and C# (There aren't many...).

    The main focus in the book is on creating windows programs using forms.
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