Problem with 'Add' friend.....

Hi Tore,

it says ' is already on your friends list'. But it does not show the friends ID in the list of my friends !!



  • That's strange, Who do you try to add to your friends list?
    is it just someone specific, or can't you add no-one?


  • it's for anyone i try to add...not anyone in particular !


  • Strange, I just logged in as you and added a few users to your friendslist without any problems.

    You are using the Add friends link on the users personal page like mine here?
    or are you using some other link?


  • i suppose u added cmforst and fogel right ? anyway, i tried adding these 3 to my list - and it always said "already on my friends list" !!

    Auth ID Name
    9094 - ColdShine
    20455 - PeterTheMaster
    8707 - Null and Void

    i really dont know why this is happening!

    also, it would be nice if, when i log in, my page shows me something like "xyz added you to his friend list" so i can know who's responding to my adding them !! plus, that would make one feel better about the whole thing of online-presence ... i think !


  • Hi

    Great!, I just found the bug and its fixed now. So please try it out!

    You can find all users who has you on their friends list by clicking on the link "List all users who have me on their friends list" on the My Friends page.


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