Can Anyone help me with the conversion of a AMD processor to Pentium ?

Just posted this to an e-mail to AMD techies but u doubt i will hear anything from them can anyone here translate this or give me link to a site that can ? please e-mail me directly

Greetings, first off i want to say i appologise for having to ask the company this question but i am not familar with amd processors. a friend of mine was asking me the pricing of an older pc (assuming it is older) with an AMD doron 850 mhz processor i can relay all the other information but i have never build a PC for myself or anyone else using an AMD all the heat mainly, so i have stuck to pentium based processors (sorry) but if u would not mind making a comparison of this amd chip to a pentium class number (1 2 3 or 4) and maybe mhz if it differs, i would me most greatful and maybe if i see his system proforming good i will transfer to AMD chipsets
thanks all for your time
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