Wanted PSP6 & VB 5/6 programers

I starting to make a very large game, and I need some help. So, if anyone has the time and the will to take this project (as a hobby) E-Mail me @ Silver-Knight@mail.com

OK, here is what I need:
- VB 5/6 programers for the sourcecode.
- Graphic artists, PSP6 is prefered, but anything will fit.
- Soundmen, for SFX.

I used to program allot on VB 5, but after I had to convert to PASCAL cause my stupid teacher hate the VB enviorment, I don't remember a thing.

The GFX are a bit of a problem...

I can manage the sound, I think...

Anyway, the project is too big for one man only, so I'm asking your help... If you want any additonal details e-mail me.

This add is ment for men and women with no diffrence of race, religion, color and sexual prefrences. (Just for the cover ass.. :)
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