Restarting MySQLd

I am working with a database that was constructed long ago. When all the mysql data was transfered to the computer I am working on the passwords and such were transfered as well. Now I am in the process of changing the root password.

I found many sites explaining how to do this. First, kill mysqld, which I did. Next restart mysqld with the --skip-grant-table option. This is where things are going wrong. I can't seem to restart the mysql server.

What should I do/try?



  • : What should I do/try?

    I don't know how to start/restart it because I never do it, but I think you can read how to start it on or if you run Linux/Unix/*BSD you can do a ps -ax and lookup the row/rows that contain the mysqld and look at the command that it is started with (it should be in the ps response) I have only done this for PostgreSQL and that is a long response but you should be able to see it with MySQL aswell or you can locate the deamon and just start it with only the flag you know should be there.

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