How do I store Word documents in MS SQL Server 2000 tables

I want to store some of my companies correspondence into a table within MS SQL Server 2000. Is it possible to store Office 2000 documents such as word documents in a table? I do not want to use a link to a file. What are the implications of storing the document when you click save in word?


  • Yes it is possible, there are allowing OLE object to be stored as a item inside table, but the drawback is that you have to spare much unneccessary space on this context. Other issues including performance, sharing, version control and collaboration.

    Neo Gigs

  • Can you please tell me what is the actual way of attaching files within a database. I want to do the following thing -

    1. I have a table with different attributes.
    2. I want to put in a word document or a pdf file attached to each entry.
    3. Space is not a problem with me.
    4. Even access rights are not implemented. I just want to add these files in the database.

    5. And after adding the files in the database, how do I open it? I mean I ll write a query to display the wanted tuples but then, how do i open the file attached.

    Please tell me how to do this. I am in urgent need of this.
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