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I created two forms. On the first form, I put a calendar. On the second form, I created two text boxes - From and To. What I want to do is when I click on the From text box, the calendar form will appear. Once I choose a date from the calendar, the result should appear on the From textbox. I want to do the same for the To text box. My question is how can I make the different dates chosen to appear on each of the text box? Can you help??


  • Public FromDate as Integer

    Public ToDate as Integer

    === TOandFrom Form Code ======

    FromText (click)


    === Calenderform Code =====

    Days Button or Label (Click)

    FromDate = Label.text (Better to Dim Labels 1-31)

    ToandFrom.Form from.text = FromDate


    Do the same thing for the To

    Hope this helps, I know it's a little sloppy. But

    that's the jist of it.

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