Add a record thru AddNew method in RDO...

Hi Anybody,

Here I'm facing a problem with VB5.0 RDO.

After establishing the connection and opened the table

I'm unable to add a record to the table thru .AddNew method. Along with the .AddNew I gave .Update also. But VB is giving an error in the .Update statement.

Mail to me if U get a solution for this pblm...

The code is like,

With RDOtableemp


.Fields("EmpId")= txtempid

.Fields("EmpName")= txtempname

.Fields("EmpDateJoin")= cdate(txtDateJoin)

.Fields("EmpAddress")= txtadd

.Fields("EmpCity")= txtcity


End With

The txt's here are text box values..

Since the problem is so critical if anyone gives an immediate solutions that would be appreciated.


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