Weird error while editing recordsets...

I was wondering if anyone knows a solution to this

problem. In my code, I am editing recordsets when

a button is clicked. The data in the recordset is

determined by two text boxes, txtFirstField and

txtSecondField. Every time I click this button,

this code is run:

bkmark = recData.Bookmark







recData.Bookmark = bkmark

The first time I run this, it works fine. The

recordset will be updated just like I wanted.

However, when I run this a second time right after,

I get a "Cursor Not Valid" error and it points to

the recData.Edit line as my error.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I think I have

my recordset declared correctly:

Set recData = dbsData.OpenRecordset(strSQL,

dbOpenDynaset, dbExecDirect, dbOptimistic)

If anyone can help me out, I'd greatly appreciate

it. Thanks...

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