using drop down menu to search simple calendar

I created a calendar using a table with each day having a checkbox - the file is edited by checking the days required, and also searched by checking the days looked for. (I use a javascript 'check all' link to speed up the process)

I was wondering if I could improve the search process by using a drop down menu to select the starting date and then stating the number of days required - the script would locate the starting date and count off the days then come up with relevant entries.

Does anybody have any ideas how I could do this?


  • I thought if I input the dates with consecutive values so Feb 1st becomes 032, March 31st has a value of 090 then I could extract the starter date and number of days required as an array and test each entry for consecutiveness. If array is consecutive then the entry is selected as a 'result', if not it is discarded and the script moves on to the next entry.

    Does this sound like a good approach, if so how can I test for consecutiveness?
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