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To Whom It May Concern,

I am a software developer and entrepreneur. I use facilities like yours to hire programmers for my projects.

In January of this year I placed a programmer request on your site and waded through a myriad of replies. Of course, I am aware that it is a contractor beware market, but we, as developers, have to rely on a certain ethical standard that the programmers are supposed to have who respond to ads on your site to meet the highest quality and ethical standards.

I am writing today to file a complaint, if that is possible, against a programmer who should not be allowed to write another bit of code for anyone ever again. His name is Paul Kunicki.

Paul Kunicki (PK2209)
Net Nerds Worldwide
Sys Admin, Programmer
561-307-3686 (voice)
561-748-6823 (fax)

I was originally looking for a programmer for a special shopping cart project I was undertaking. He did a good job of selling himself, coupled with what developers have to go by in their decision making such as price of $1800 and a time estimate of 10 days. Although I thought his time estimate a little slight, I had no idea whether he could have lots of cart experience and scripts already written to help that time frame along. I was very specific with regards to what I wanted, but was always open to discussion. I also did not want to reinvent the wheel, and it was my feeling that there was more than enough open source available coupled with a good programmer would virtually give me everything I was looking for.

As the project moved forward he seemed intent on showing me what he could do (he had a huge ego) and came up with some expansion ideas on the feature list I wanted and convinced me that he knew the best road to take for this and proceeded. After all, that is what I was hiring him for. To make a long story as short as possible, what started out to be $1800 and 10 days, turned out to be over $4000 and over six months as of last Saturday July 6, 2002. Over time, he displayed a lot of project diversions like life style problems and personal quirks as exemplified by that of a typical 24 year old, partying, drinking and personal problemed young man.

I continued to hold his hand and support him and the project, primarily because of the time and money I already had invested in him, and voiced my concerns on numerous occasions. Well, as of this last Saturday, after being paid $4000 as full and complete payment (he had financial problems too), he abandoned me and the project before its completion, by literally blowing gasket and saying..."We're done, I can't do this anymore." As if this wasn't bad enough, he has not made any of the project available to me to even continue with another programmer, and he is doing his best to evade me by changing his telephone number, not answering his e-mail, locking me out of the server so I cannot get it myself, etc.

I live in Southern California, and he lives in Florida. This is tant amount to outright fraud, misrepresentation and interstate grand theft. Any suggestions on getting what is mine or getting him to finish the project? There have to be some form of protection for developers or contractors to avoid this sort of thing because many and even most programmers are not in close proximity to the contracted jobs.

Personally, I think he got in way over his head and as we were nearing completing the project it got away from him and he didn't know how to close it. I can lay blame all I want, but this sort of thing, although my problem it reflects on you and other programmers ultimately. This is the third time in as many projects, that I have had a bad experience in one form or another. My most recent prior experience was that the programmers tried to sell my script (proprietary) under a different name on their own website and I caught them red handed.

Outside of complaining to you, if at all possible, I would like this posted where everyone can see it, since it bears witness and reflects on every programmer out there. I would also hope that there is something you can do to screen or have your programmers sign an ethics statement prior to placing or responding to ads on your site to help avoid this in the future.

I look forward to your reply and your posting.


Jerome K. Belden
Rembrandt Enterprises


  • Hello,

    Did you have a contract? Was there ever any legal agreement about the project? In this day and age, I try to make sure all work I and my company do is sealed with a contract, for our protection and that of the client too. A legally binding contract gives you ground to stand on if and when people start to mess you around.

    I believe that there are a good number of people in web design/programming that shouldn't be, and there are a LOT of very good people out there too. Unfortunately, it's hard to know who to trust over the net, and believe it or not programmers get their fingers burnt by clients too. So it's not a one way thing.

    Anyway, I'm sorry to here of your mis-fortune, and if your story is the whole truth then I hope that you can at least get your money back or get the work the programmer did, because what has happened there is, as you say, a bad reflection on the good programmers out there. It's like how crackers and script kiddies give hackers who just want to learn more a bad name.

    Good luck,


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  • Does this really belong in the perl thread?
    [RED]Heero Yuy
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  • : Does this really belong in the perl thread?
    : -----------------------
    : [RED]Heero Yuy
    : Perl Board Moderator
    : Perl Semi-Expert[/RED]

    A lot of these threads don't belong. I've seen at least 4 threads by this person, and they're all complaining about the same person. If you're going to do something, don't complain, sue. - Omnisoft - Quality webmaster scripts and services.

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