please give me reply ,,,,solve my problem,,,

i want to access a stored procedure in ORACLE using data control.

Take any example,,,just take a STORED PROCEDURE - which returns addition of 2 numbers,,,I want to access that result using DATA CONTROL.

Please send the code or tell me the process to solve this problem...

Thank you in Advance for your time.
Kishore .

create or replace procedure p(x in number,y in number,z out number) is


  • : create or replace procedure p(x in number,y in number,z out number) is
    : begin
    : z:=x+y;
    : end;

    Why in the world do you want to incur the overhead of database communication just to add two numbers together?

    Secondly, I don't think that a DataControl would work in this case since you're not returning a recordset. You would probably have to create a command object and add parameters for x, y, and z, then Execute it and retrieve your value from the z parameter.

    If you're really intent on using a DataControl to do this, you would probably have to execute an SQL statement that returned your sum as a field in a record for the DataControl to know what to do with it. But for that to work you'd have to change your stored procedure to a stored function. Something like:
    create or replace function f(x in number, y in number) return number;

    select f(3,4) as z from dual;
    But if you're going to do that, you might as well just build an SQL string like this:
    select 3 + 4 as z from dual;

    I'm hoping that this is just an exercise to learn how to call stored procedures from VB, in which case I refer to my previous statement that you would need to use a Command object and add Parameters for each of the in and out parameters of the stored procedure. I'll leave that up to you.

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