Automation type not supported by VB - Run Error 458

I am receiving a run time error458 "Variable uses an Automation type not supported in VB"


I am convverting an DOS Basic program to VB and trying to use as much of the code that is compatible. I am using random access files and receive the error in a line such as :

get gfileNum, 2,gScrn

The instant watch shows the correct file number and record number. The gScrn appears as " ". I suspect the problem is in the third variable (gscrn).

I have the basic starting information(type, record length, open,etc) for all the files in one bas program and call them as needed in the forms.

The problem does not occur when the record number is 1 but does with any other record number.

The problem does not exist in all forms; just one where I have call the file info, open the file, get the record, put the record, close the file, call another, etc. It happens on the first get statement in the second file.

Any suggestions?????????

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