INT 67h , Function DE00h to DE0Ch.

What is int 67 ax=DE00h to ax=DE0Ch functions for and how to use the VCPI . Is it separate device and do I have to check for the installations . I tried to pass function 0DE00h in ax but ax register returned some other value other than 0 .(ax=00h for present of VCPI). Tell also the relation between int 15h ah=89h for switching to pmode.
I am using win98 and the above is a reference I made in Ralf Brown Interrupt list.
Help me. I am new to asm.


  • Don't mess with PMode interfaces if you're new to ASM, you'll just get really confused. VCPI isn't a device, it's a PMode interface and stands for Virtual Control Program Interface. There's another newer one called DPMI, DOS Protected Mode Interface.
  • VCPI is only loaded when the EMM386.EXE file is executed.
    DPMI is always loaded when you boot Win95/98 (maybe ME too).

    The Thomas "Trans" Pytel's PMode will use either available, you can download it from this site.

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