Compiling windows socket application.

I'm trying to compile and link a small Windows socket application, but when I fo this i get the following errors:

D:Tempcc6Tcaaa.o(.text+0xfb)://D/C/ClientSocket/clientsocket.c: undefined reference to `WSAStartup@8'
D:Tempcc6Tcaaa.o(.text+0x12d)://D/C/ClientSocket/clientsocket.c: undefined reference to `gethostbyname@4'
D:Tempcc6Tcaaa.o(.text+0x16a)://D/C/ClientSocket/clientsocket.c: undefined reference to `socket@12'
D:Tempcc6Tcaaa.o(.text+0x1ab)://D/C/ClientSocket/clientsocket.c: undefined reference to `htons@4'
D:Tempcc6Tcaaa.o(.text+0x1fb)://D/C/ClientSocket/clientsocket.c: undefined reference to `connect@12'
D:Tempcc6Tcaaa.o(.text+0x235)://D/C/ClientSocket/clientsocket.c: undefined reference to `send@16'
D:Tempcc6Tcaaa.o(.text+0x24c)://D/C/ClientSocket/clientsocket.c: undefined reference to `recv@16'
D:Tempcc6Tcaaa.o(.text+0x2a6)://D/C/ClientSocket/clientsocket.c: undefined reference to `WSACleanup@0'

Bewerking afgesloten het fout-code 1

I'm using the MinGW C compiler on Windows 2000.
Could anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Thank You


  • Link libws2_32.a with -lws2_32.
  • : Link libws2_32.a with -lws2_32.
    At the risk of sounding stupid... how do i do that?

  • Since I am unable to use Dev C++ at the moment this will be somewhat vague: Find a project settings dialog, and place -lws2_32 in the 'linking options' or 'compiler options' text box.
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