Register reading and tampering??

After a accidental erase of my harddrive i tried to find a way to restore the files.

Butt i didnt.

I do now that the OS djust erase files by butting a some litle chars in the REGfile. So I would be able to restore the files by butting the right things in the REGfile.

I hope you cane tell me how to do it.


  • I don't get what happened, exactly. Was it simple deletion, wiping, MBR/partition table erasure/corruption or FAT erasure/corruption? Are you saying something screwed around with your system's registry? I once had to rebuild the partition table of one of my hard drives completely by hand after a virus (NYB.A) scrambled it, so I have a bit of experience in data recovery (and how devastating it can be). It also turned out to be quite a learning experience: learning about all of the data structures and eventually the cure to the virus if it infects a disk.
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    "Are you saying something screwed around with your system's registry?"

    I am realy intressted in ewrything about files and there keepers.

    But i was talking about that the system(the OS) under a normal kondition(like in dos=> dell *.txt) only wrights to the registry to make a file look deleted, but what i have heard it only puts a char in front of the filename to do this. So how do i putt the file to life again?

    In my case i wrothe "rm -r -f " in linux... meening- remov everything under root. I then didnt remember that i hade Windows as a folder under Linux... so i wipth it out. I realy felt like a total idiot.
  • You could take your HDD to a friend that has Norton Utilities (for example) and use Norton's file recovery. Otherwise there is a lot of work to do. And keep in mind that some programs that use file recovery make a very big mistake. Let's say you had a 700 MB .avi file and you didn't wanned it anymore so you deleted it. You wrote some files in the free space and then accidentaly deleted them. If some programs try to restore your last files they might intercept the .avi heather and consider the next 700MB as being the movie, even if there are your files. This applies also wherever there is a bigger file that can cover others.
    Hope you can restore your files. Good luck.
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