Original window class of superclassed window

How can I determine the original window class name of superclassed window?
In Delphi for example, the TEdit control is a superclass of the standard EDIT window class.
But since the superclassed window can have any new class name, how do I find out the original class name?

Thanks in advance.


  • There's no "always working" method to do this, due to the way superclassing works, that is [italic]fully replacing[/italic] the class name with your own...
    A simple, but not always praticable, way could be trying to send the superclass window a class-specific message (like LB_INSERTSTRING), with an invalid parameter (wParam = -5), and look if the return value is 0 or the documented error value. If it is 0, then it probably is not a ListBox superclass since it probably passed it to DefWindowProc which return 0 for this message; else, it [italic]might[/italic] be a ListBox superclass (it may however be any other class supporting the same message value, but with another meaning - like DKF_FORMATDISK !!!).

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