Generating new EXE's at runtime

How the standalone EXE's (for DOS) are generated at runtime, like setup makers, patch makers and self extracting EXE makers do ?

Can I generate EXE's using pure C Code or do I need to use any ASM routines ?

If it is possible, then please tell me the topics I need to learn for this.

If anyone have any link or any information related with this,

Please help. . .


  • The executable files are simply stored somewhere (possibly compressed) and dumped into a file when you tell them to. There's nothing in that process that you can't do in C.

    To actually stored a file inside of an executable (at runtime) you'll need to research the PE file format (.exe) and how resources are stored in them, then just stick the files that need to be extracted to it as custom binary resources. You can do that in C too.
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