Signs of damaged or over heated CPU?

I have seen my CPU temp max out at 43deg C, is that bad? My CPU is an athlon xp 1700. I have my mobo set at 133 mhz, which with the double data rate is now 266. My CPU ratio jumpers are set at 5x (266mhz * 5 = 1330 mhz) well below the expected 1.47ghz it is supposed to run at.

I first turn on my comp and try loading in Linux Slackware 7.0 from a bootable CD (since there is no OS on my hard drive and my comp doesnt recognize my floppy yet). I usually get to the end of installation when it says to reboot, I hit yes and it shuts partially down. I than turn off my comp and try to reboot. LILO is not recognized, and sometimes the computer will shut down and reboot back to the beginning. Sometimes it will just freeze up after the reboot. I dont know whats going on here. Help is you guys can.



  • I had same symptoms on my 1.2 Ghz Duron nad ATA-100 HDD. After much research I changed RAM but it was not of much help. I have changed motherboard and after that PC worked fine. I think most possibly your problem is poor or damaged motherboard (although once I had similar difficulties with an Athlon processor 1.4 overclocked to 1.7 Ghz). Try to replace MB but do not throw away the old one. My old one was working fine with other (slower processor and ATA-66 HDD).

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