I have a java player and wants to equalize the sound in a dll conected to the Application via Jni.
Since the API in java is not that low level of programming, I want a dll to do the reading and writing
to/from the soundcard buffers

So my question is:
Does anybody know how to get a hold on the soundcard in a dll??

I know how to do it with Directsound in a standalone-application( .exe), but trying the same in a .dll is much more tricky
since, when using Directsound I need a HINSTANCE pointer from the frame to set the coperativelevel
for the soundcard(a must!!). Maybe thre is another way to get the soundbuffer, not using Directsound.????
I guess the best should be to find a pointer to the java App in the .dll somehow if Directsound is the only option!!!

//regards Peter

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