Tagging Keywords in Articles Stored in RDB

I am getting ready to design a system that can update news articles that are stored in a relational database. I would like to use a list of company names as a list for example. Then I would like to find these company names within the text of each article in the db, and update the record by adding hypertext links around those company names. This link would then link back to a profile for that company.

I am getting ready to do a brute force looping and searching system. I was wondering if anyone knows of articles or books that might lead me to a more elegant solution?

This is the closest forum I have come across that discusses soutions to development projects. Does anyone know of another?


  • Hi,

    Which development platform will you be working with?

    If you are working with something like Perl, then pattern matching and substitution is a matter of 1-2 lines of code, and all you have to do is to access the database from your code and apply the pattern substitution code to all the articles.

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