How to change the default background color of selected text in a edit?

The default background color of selected text in a edit is
clHilight and the default fore-color of it is clHightText.
But now I want the bk-color to be clHilightText and the
fore-color to be clHilight.
How can I complete it?


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    The only colours you can change are the background and font colours.
    I think the only way to change the selection colour is to make your own edit component.

  • I use the Getsyscolor and SetSysColors
    to change the background color and fore-color of selected text.
    But all windows in Windows OS also changed the
    both color, and the speed is low.
    How can I simulate a WM_SysColorchange Messaage.

  • i would like to know this also!
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