Need to create an extra option in the windows explorer context menu

So far i find out, i need to create a key with an UUID in it
in the ContextMenuHandlers key in the registry.
Than i need to create a key, named the same UUID under the CLSID key.
Under this, i need a key named "InprocServer32", and give the path to my something.dll to it.
Also create an extra string value, ThreadingModel containing: "Apartment"

If i have all this, a right click on a file in the windows explorer starts up my something.dll. I managed to make a dll which displays a messagebox, but that's it.

What i need is a dll, wich inserts a new menu item 'open with myprogram' to the context menu, and starts up my application if that menupoint is clicked.

I know it's not that difficult, but i'm into assembly and win32 programming, not this ATL/COM stuff.



ps.:I tried to dissassemble a dll what does this, but since i have no idea about ATL/COM, i could not figure it out. It calls functions like InsertMenu and DragQueryFile and WinExec, thats why i'm thinking it does what it does.
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