Changing Proxy Settings?

Hi there!

Some websites seem to alter the proxy settings of IE. For example, I have a cable modem with an @Home account. Everytime I access their website, my proxy settings are changed so that their proxy server is used by IE. I don't want this to happen, because the internet is faster without a proxy. So what I want to do is make my own startpage that automatically makes the proxy settings I want to use...

Anybody know how to achieve this?

Thanks, MainForze
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  • First, if the website is able to change your settings, then that is because you have not set your security permissions properly.

    Secondly, this thing can be easily achieved via an activeX control (thats why ActiveX controls are bounded by those security permissions of IE...they can even change other sensitive settings or read sensitive files on your computer that they are not supposed to do). Read up on ActiveX ( ) controls to get this.

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