getting and storing data from an HTML page

this is a nu-b question, so please bear w/ me =)

i want to create a web page that has a survey/ questionnaire. The data, once submitted, will be entered in a database (Access or Excel format, most likely).

What would be the best way to implement this? I know that's a pretty vague question, but I'm looking for anything here!

(My area of interest is the data input and storage, not so much the web page design.)

the web page is going to be created using DreamWeaver...(basically remaining in HTML)

would xml be the method of choice? what would be a good and relatively simple means to get and use the data...? I know in Access you can save tables as xml files..

or should I use another approach, namely using to set up an interface that works as a web page? (assuming, of course, they are using the .net platform =)

thank you VERY much for any help. I really appreciate it!!!


  • : hmm... really a vague question...
    : normally data is stored in / received from a database using a serverside language like PHP, ASP that uses SQL or Oracle instructions. Sure that's not this simple you might have expected, but it's the common way.
    : hope this helped a little anyway
    : Errors show that you've tried it!
    : [size=1][blue]RuntimeTerror[/blue][/size]

    Perl can be a bit tricky for a novice.. but you can and write to and read from a flatfile with Perl. PHP is an easier way to get there.

    I have examples if you would like to see them.
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