Out of String Space in the EXE file?

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Hello, World!

This is Dr. COM WIZ. It has been a while hasn't it? The truth is, I've been on and off of programming because of all the many things I like to do. Well, anyway, here is my request.

I am in the middle of mass game development (what a surprise :-) ). I'm trying to complete a *good* game with no libraries and no external files; just pure flat out code. This will improve portablilty and prove to me I can do it without the above luxuries.

The fact that I am making this kind of game without external files is rare and brave (or alteast I think so). As brave as I am being, I am sure to run into a lot of problems. So I have, but was able to overcome them after stressfull days and sleepless nights.

However, one problem is really, really bugging me. I had to sacrifice some optimizations to fix it, and now it's back. What is it? Well, the game development can be going very well, so I compile it. When I open the compiled program, I sometimes wouldn't even get as far as the title screen! I thought that my problems in the program would be pointed out BEFORE it is compiled. This is also strange because when I run it uncompiled, it works just fine! That's dumb!

I really need some insight on why my program doesn't work. Please, please help me. Here are some of the problems I have faced.
(the dashes stand for numbers that I don't remember)

Error messages:
Out of memory in module GAME at address ---:---
Out of string space in module GAME at address ---:---

Right now, I am experiencing the latter. The game reaches as far as the menu. When the first level loads, that's it.

If you want to see code, I don't think all of it will fit here. There is A LOT (and that's prbably what the problem is), about 101KB. I can e-mail it to you, if you would like to help.

This has been,
PS Thank you and goodnight!

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