DataGrid And DataEnvironment problem

I have a form which has 2 dataGrids on it. One of them is used for school grades(DGGrades) and the other is used to calculate the school grade averages(DGAverages). I am using a dataEnvironment for the connection to the database. When I enter a grade into a column of DGGrades there is no problem writing to the database. After it writes to the database, it calls a function to calculate the averages of the grades that were entered. And it too writes the averages to the database. I need to know how to refresh or requery or someting that will redisplay the averages into the DGAverages. What I gather is that the numbers in DGAverages are from the last time the DataEnvironment retrieved the values from the DB. How do I get the DataEnvironment to re-retrieve updated values fro the database and redisplay the new values into the DGAverages? Please help.
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