Pls help beginner VB learner!

Hi! i know this may sound like the most pathetic question ever asked... but how do you learn how to write the code on Visual Basic!! i have an assessment due in 3 weeks which i havent started wat so ever, due to the fact that i have absolutly no knowledge on how to write VB code!! I'm able to write Pascal code, thats fine! but i'm full stuck on VB!!
My progam is supposed to be a program that is used in a car rental organisation! so lets just say i'm really screwed!! if anyone could help or tell me who, wat or where is the best place to learn the code quickly it would be appreciated!!



  • thats soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy, either get a book and learn the code, or, get someone to do it for u, then get them to teach u how they did it.
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