DirectSound, wave & multichannel

Hi all,
is here anyone who use DirectSound to play out files?
I've a problem when I use more than one DirectSound object:

Every time I have more that one DirectSound(eg : ds1 & ds2) object I had to call secondary_buffer -> Play() on all
DS objects to hear something. The call in the last DS obj start all channels together then.
I controlled that the diffrent sec. buffers are filled with data and the Play funktion returns
with DS_OK. Do I have to call Play from the primary buffer too? Also it works, when I call play directly after
the call to "SetupStreambuffer",but as soon as I init, or even only stop a other channel, it doesn't work.
But there is no error code from any function.
Could it be that I lost the primary buffer when I init a other channel?
many thanks ahead
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