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Hello all,

I'd just like to share my opinion about the messageboard system. At the moment, anyone can create their own messageboard, which is fine by me, but too many people are creating one just for the hell of it. I mean, I've seen messageboards which are all about one question, and once that question is answered, that messageboard is unlikely to be used again.

One example is in the "Assembler" messageboard section. There is a messageboard named "masm assemblers: convert 8-bit binary number to null-terminated str". Now, call me stupid if you will, but isn't that a waste? Surely a simple post in the official 80x86 messageboard would yield an answer for the programmer?

Basically what I'm asking is for some sort of restriction, so messageboards created needlessy may be rejected. Unless this happens, I think Programmer's Heaven will suffer a torrent of useless messageboards, and that may be quite off-putting to some.

Personally, I preferred it when you *didn't* have the option to create your own messageboards.

Thanks for your time,

(:---Dodgy Del Boy---:)


  • I totally agree. Maybe there ought to be a moderator for the creation of new messageboards. That way in order for a new board to be created, at least someone will see it as a possible need, and avoid people creating one-time use boards. It could even involve several people to reduce the load of checking the new boards, maybe one person from each board category.

    If you have enough memory, you won't have enough disk space.

  • I also agree that there has to be some better moderation on the board creation and I will in a week or so make a review of all the boards by deleting inactive boards and move all "personal like boards" to the private group. So that the right board is in the correct place.


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