(error message): Cannot update. Database or object is read-only.

I'm having a problem writing to my Access Database from an ASP application. The specific error I receive in the browser is "Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80040e09' Cannot update. Database or object is read-only." and the error line points to a line that updates the database. After asking/looking around, it seems like a lot of other people are having this problem too. This problem seems to stem from Windows XP Professional. My code can update with no problems on a Windows 2000 Professional machine or even on a machine that was upgraded from a previous version of Windows to Windows XP Pro. But any machine that had a clean install of Windows XP Pro doesn't allow updating of the Access Database files.

I looked at solutions that were suggested by Microsoft support, in many different forums, and by many different individuals tho most were for different versions of Windows. This includes setting permissions for the directories, IIS, database, user/machine, using the Jet driver, updating various files and windows components, changing the locks/permissions on the connection and recordset, using blank login/pw for the connection etc... but absolutely nothing works. I even tried giving my entire directory structure and users full permissions on everything, loosening security as much as I possible could. It's not code/SQL related because any type of update to the database even a simple 3 liner doesn't work. This is very basic functionality and it seems like may XP users are not able to execute it. So if anyone has this problem in XP and has solved it, please, please HELP!!!

Thanks in advance.
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