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Where can I get a complete and easy to install copy of Linux? The main reason I haven't used it is because getting all the files and installing it is a nightmare. One site had me download 30 meg of stuff and I tried for days to get it to work only to just give up.


  • Try downloading an ISO instead of seperate files. Most of the time you only need the first CD if they offer multiple CD's, the rest just have extra binaries and source.

    'Easy' distros include: RedHat, Mandrake, Lycoris, and SuSE (no free ISO).

    They can be downloaded from: The site of the producer, Tucows, LinuxISO.org, and elsewhere. Or you can just purchase a copy if you aren't using a fast connection at a local store or online merchant such as Cheapbytes.

    Burn the ISO onto a CD. Put the CD in whatever drive you want to use (if it's not the burner). Shutdown your system. Go into your BIOS and make sure that it tries to boot from the CD. Let the system start, and it'll boot from the CD if you set it up correctly. Now follow the instructions the installer gives you. Make sure you know what you're doing when it comes to HDD partitioning, or you could wipe out any data you have (as in: pick a seperate partition, or setup a VFAT loopback, or whatever).
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