(not programming) I'm trying to install Red Hat Linux 7.2 on an older

machine. It's not exceptionally old it's running 166Mhz with 32RAM but I'm having a problem. I'm not sure if it's because of the BIOS settings or whatever. I took my CD-ROM from my newer computer and put it in the older computer. I went through my BIOS and set it up to boot from my CD-ROM, then floppy, then harddisk. The problem is that it reads the CD very fast. The screen turns to a bunch of gray lines. I don't know too much about compatability the only thing I can think of is that the CD-ROM's to fast for the processor. I tried booting from the floppy and I get a message saying please insert bootable media into the appropriate drive. I get the same message with floppy or not. The harddrive has nothing on it. So there's nothing to boot. I went into the BIOS and I noticed that there's for the Primary and Secondary IDE I have a Not Installed message. Could this give me problems? I noticed on the newer computer it lists the Harddrive and CD-ROM for these but if the CD-Rom isn't installed on the other one why am I getting the gray lines? I went i
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