I need help in 24 hour please help me

I need a assembly program (80*86) which inputs a number (hexa, deciaml or binary) and another input to define type (H,D,B) then outputs them in each type ( Hex ,dec,bin)

sample run:

H = Hexadecimal input
D = Decimal input
B = Binary input

Enter the number : 5
Enter the type : D

Hex : 5
Dec : 5
Bin :101

Enter the number : B
Enter the type : H

Hex : B
Dec : 11
Bin :1011

anyone who make this program in one day you are going to be my guest in ISTANBUL/TURKEY. really I am serious


  • I've already got a TSR to do this, it's called NUMS.COM by Petran Theta Soft.
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