help on recording sound through SB16 DSP chip using DMA

Hello everybody,
I am an information technology student & as part of our curriculum working on a project of my choice. I have chosen the topic "Real time signal processing on PC". I require , as a first step to be able to record & play sound using SB DSP chip.
While I was able to get the playback working, I am having following problem while recording ::

1. When I try to read data directly from DSP port, I find that the read-buffer-status port indicates that SB is not ready for read even after sufficient delay had been provided.If I ignore this & go ahead with reading the data port ,I get value '170' everytime.
2. While recording through 8-bit DMA , I am programming the DSP with a
bufferlength of 256 bytes & the DMA with 512 bytes.The read however returns '128' in the first byte of bufferlength & a NULL i.e., '0' in
all other bytes.
3. With 16-bit DMA recording all bytes are being recorded as NULL

Hope somebody helps me out of this.
(This is my first posting on this site)

Thank you,

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