Multiple projects question

I have developed a project (I'm using MSVC6.0) that I use for testing. It holds the testing framework and base classes for automated testing of an application.

I generally include this project within my application workspaces when I begin testing that application.

The problem I have is that I specify (within project settings) the run-time library to use: "Debug multi-threaded DLL" or "single-threaded static" or whichever of the 6 options. Each application I use the testing project in might have a different run-time library specified. So I am constantly switching the testing library (causing it to fully rebuild) to match the application. If I don't, I get link errors, since 2 different libraries (with identical names) are being linked.

Is there some good way to deal with this issue? Of course, I could have 6 different test projects "Test_MultThreadedDLL",
"Test_SingleThreaded", etc. But this is a maintenance nightmare -especially as I add more re-usable projects than just the "Test" library to my workspace.

Thanks for your help,
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