The Revolution Is Drawing Near


The year is 4528, and almost all of humanity has been wiped out. We are slaves on the alien planet Sirius. Anger, depression and death all that we retain now, as our captors, two defying races of alien and cyborg fight for control, control of the most powerful item in the entire universe, to control and rule all.

What we will have? Other than a new world to conquer, weapons of destruction, and 3 speices equalling 6 classes? Two dedicated single player modes, one choose your own destiny mode and Q3 styled tiered. Multiplayer mode including a Domination, Conquer and Destroy and Vehicle racing modes. All of this will take place in a high tech society ruled by a dominant Alien force with their Cyborg army. Vast landscapes and unique battles adorn this utopian world. As a human slave, you will succumb to intense fighting for control. Extinction is not an option and quitting will not stop this.

Sirius, We are a new game based on the Nebula engine. We are in need of programmers (1: people who can code in c++ at least a year expeience and
2: people who are young or have time to dedicate)
and mappers with q3a experience or 3dsmax experience
New concept art is up and soon new models and levels

If you are interested please respond to this thread or email me at or digital fire at

This is a non paying project, for those who want to work on a game in their own time. We are very dedicated and determined to make this happen. We hope you are as well.

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