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I am Harjinder, Electronic engineer from India. I came in U.S last year. As I was a fresh engineer and then I start to learn computers here and now my main skill is Oracle programming and development. Below is my resume and please give me directions and guidance that what should I include in my resume and what shouldn't, and where and for what position should I apply. Please give me the directions cos I am very confused now.As I didn't do any real project means I don't have any experience . Please tell me what kind of courses should I take in the future.

I will wait for your response.

Harjinder S. Chana

34244 Perry Road

Union City, CA 94587

Home : (510) 487-9234

email :



Programmer/Systems Analyst


Elect. Engineer having adequate knowledge in Database Designing, Development and Database Implementation,Having good knowledge of Oracle and Developer 2000 (FORMS 4.5). With skills in programming languages including C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL.

SOFTWARE Oracle database server Ver 7.3,

Developer 2000 tools (FORMS 4.5, REPORTS


SQL, PL/SQL Ver 2.0, SQL*PLUS and

MS Access.



EDUCATION Bachelor of science in Electronics Engineering

Nagpur University



Rock Barn Museum System Jan '98

Institute : U.C Berkeley ext. Fremont, CA

Role : Development

Team size : 3

Environment : Oracle 7.3, PL/SQL, Developer 2000 (FORMS 4.5)

The purpose of this system was to keep track of the information about all the rocks, minerals, fossils and their modern equivalents, and Indian artifacts. So Important task was to design and develop a system to keep track of the information of the specimen, locality, source, storage etc. The system was designed using Developer 2000 (FORMS 4.5) and PL/SQL.

Library Management system Jul '98

Institute : Coresoft Corp. Sunnyvale, CA

Role : Development

Team size : 3

Environment : Oracle 7.3, PL/SQL, Developer 2000 (FORMS 4.5)

The purpose of the Library Management System was to maintain the data use in support the service of the library. Task include to maintain the information of borrowers, books, tracking system, due date, overdue, hold, and list of the books in the library. Primarily responsible for developing the forms and reports to keep the information of the system, using FORMS 4.5, REPORTS 2.5 and PL/SQL.

Educational Courses :

* 'Concepts of RDBMS' from U.C Berkeley ext Fremont, CA

* 'Essentials of Oracle Applications and Development'

from U.C Berkeley ext. Fremont, CA

* 'Advanced course in Oracle using Developer 2000'

from Coresoft corp. Sunnyvale, CA

* 'Computer programming using C and C++' and 'MS ACCESS'

from MVROP Fremont, CA

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