HELP Internet Load Sharing Please


I'm looking for a solution to the following problem:
I’ve got 5 telephone lines coming into my workplace.
Each one used for an Internet connection.
Is there anyway I can combine the 5 line to get a combined speed?
I heard of load sharing, but know to little about it.
Maybe you can send me some information about it?

I also heard that using load share that every time a employee does a download the load sharing device or software will look for the least used line and download from there.
This is also a problem..
Suppose only 1 employee download 1 file.
This would mean that 1 lines will be used and 4 will remain unused.
Is there hardware or software (preferably software) that can break the connection up into its IP packets and distribute the packets between the 5 line thereby getting the combined speed and not leaving some lines unused?

Please help me
Any information you can give me will be appreciated.

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